Jonathan Labillois’ art has been on display throughout eastern Canada and is on permanent display at the gallery of fine art in Halifax, NS.
The following are solo exhibits and group shows where his work has been displayed:

Contact info:
Jonathan Labillois

Dawson college – CEGEP Fine arts
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design –
Academies Des Arts – illustration

Exhibitions, publications and shows:

2022-2023 Museum of Northwest Art Exhibition –- Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls: Honoring Our Stolen Sisters
2022 – Three Pines – TV series (amazonprime) episodes 1 and 2 displaying artwork and commissioned art.
2022 – Oceti Wakan publication – Workbook, Wolakota –
2022 – Rutherford Falls – TV series (peacocktv) – Artwork display
2020- 2023 – Canadian Union of Postal Workers – Art Display and magazine publication
2020 – Global Girls Worldwide Women publication – textbook illustration
2018 – Readers Digest “Our Canada” – Publication July 2018 edition
2017 – Mohawk Girls – TV series – Artwork display

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax NS purchased stereotype(1) for permanent exhibition