Still Dancing

This piece was Donated to the
Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal
4ftx6ft Acrylic and mixed media on Canvas- 2014


The title of the painting is “Still Dancing”
The idea for the title came from my little sister:
“Dancers dance for those who cannot, the sick, the elders, and those who are
gone. It’s like all those women are still dancing thru her. “
I was overwhelmed and very humbled (and honoured) to have so many share this piece of art on Facebook. I used my friend Berta KaKinoosit as the model for this, I tried not to make it look too much like her but people recognized her anyways.
I decided to donate this to the Montreal Native Women’s Shelter to raise awareness of Missing and
Murdered women in Canada. I hoped sharing it with others would bring this issue to minds of many people, and hope that none of our sisters, mothers, aunts or daughters will ever be forgotten.
Thank you.

Prints of this image are available here and larger prints here


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